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Am Ende des 2.Semester haben sich die Schüler/-innen der 2c/d im E-Unterricht mit dem Thema Wohnen beschäftigt. Nicht nur, dass die Schüler/-innen neue Vokabeln und Ausdrücke gelernt haben, sie haben sich auch damit auseinandergesetzt wie die Menschen anderer Ländern wohnen und leben. Besonders spielte dabei natürlich Großbritannien eine Rollen.
Um das erlernte Vokabular zu trainieren mussten die Schüler/-innen deshalb auf einen fiktiven Brief eine britischen Schüler/-innen antworten:

Hier sind 2 besonders gelungene Briefe von Mica und Tara aus der 2d:

Dear Zoe,
I got your letter and thought about your question of how we live in Austrian homes. It’s different. Many people in  Austria live in houses or flats. Of Course, there are people living on farms. But now I’ll tell you about my home.
My mum and I live in a flat. It’s not big, but cosy. When you enter through the front door my room is to your right. If you go straight on, then you come into our living room. In our living room we have a very comfortable grey couch with three pillows and a wooden table with four chairs in the middle of the room. We also have a TV.
Our kitchen is small and the cupboards have white fronts. We have a small rug, as well.
But my favourite part of the flat is my room. It is just awesome. In my bedroom I have a big bed. Next to it there is a shelf with a lot of books. I love English books and bought a lot. Over my desk there is a picture of New York. I really love New York. When I’m grown up I wish to fly there. I like spending time in my room. I usually do my homework or watch videos on my cell phone.
We also have a small balcony. I love watching the stars from the balcony in the evening.

I hope you know more now about how Austrians live.

Yours, Mica


Hi Zoe,

How are you? I hope you feel well. Your house sounds fantastic. Now I’ll tell you about my home. But you must know that my home isn’t a typical one.
I live with my mum and her boyfriend on a farm. But it isn’t ours. There are lots of flats and we live in one of them.
There’s a big garden around the whole farm house. We also have a big pool. I love swimming in it with my friends. Our flat is on the 2nd floor. My mum and her boyfriend have their own room. Next door is my room. I have a big bed opposite the desk. There are two white cupboards and also two white wardrobes. On my desk is my computer. I like my room.
In our living room, there’s my cat – chilling mostly. We’ve got two computers on the desk and one TV in the living room.
I like our kitchen because I love food and in the kitchen I can eat whenever I want.
Our flat has 90m².

Have a nice day!

Love, Tara